What we do

ZB&V assists clients in researching and elaborating narrative approaches that can be broadly applied in education, social care and leadership. We also do this within the framework of European projects.



Narrative approaches and applied storytelling can be helpful in many contexts, although we admit that they are not ‘the wonder oil’ for all. However, it has shown to help facilitating knowledge transfer, story-exchange, to examine and analyse stories together, to find meaning and make sense together, to ask (critical) questions to stories, to understand the relationship of past and present stories, to find an onset for alternative stories together, to understand and to empower each other. Working with narrative approaches and applied storytelling can also reinforce resilience in individuals and communities, and they support coping with change, making plans and acting upon them.




Our name ‘Zien, Beoordelen & Verklaren’ can be translated as ‘See, Evaluate & Clarify’.


It comes close to an ethological point of departure: first seeing (and recording) behaviour, then evaluating the context (what was actually seen / heard, where and when) and only then clarifying what ‘really’ happened / has been told / was intended, to make it meaningful. For the individual, the group, and us, the researchers and facilitators.


Our name